About Us

Dr. Yoon (Ph.D in Nursing), a Korean woman, worked as a nurse and a professor at Gachon University in South Korea for 35 years. She grew up loving Kimchi that her mom made, and learned to make Kimchi from her mom.  Since teenager, Dr. Yoon has made Kimchi for her family and shared it with her friends and relatives. 

Decades into making Kimchi, she came across probiotic research on Kimchi which discovered Lactobacillus, playing a significant role in gut health as well as taste. She performed various experiments to increase Lactobacillus in her Kimchi and started developing her own Kimchi recipe. 

Dr. Yoon’s Kimchi is absolutely fresh, delicious, and crispy because it is rich in Lactobacillus. Her Kimchi is blended with savory, spicy and gentle sour taste, that scream authentic Korean Kimchi.  

Alongside Dr. Yoon, Michael Chun, son of Dr. Yoon, makes sure that the e-commerce and manufacturing operation run smoothly. 

We would love to share our Kimchi with fellow Ottawa citizens.  Let us know if there's anything we can do to better serve you!