1. What safety precautions are you taking during the covid-19 pandemic?

Dr. Yoon Kimchi is manufactured under safe and  sanitary environment with a top priority on human health. We wear a face mask, face shield and gloves while during manufacturing  kimchi and packing kimchi products. Also, all surfaces are always disinfected thoroughly and handwashing occurs frequently. Especially, we do best to keep safety precautions against the COVID-19 pandamic. If exposure to COVID-19 is suspected, kimchi-production will be stopped immediately and all orders will be cancelled.

  2. Does Dr. Yoon Kimchi be delivered or offer pick-up?

Yes we deliver it! We offer free delivery on orders over $39.99 (within 5km) in Ottawa, over $44.99 (within 10km) in Ottawa, and over $49.99 (within 15km). On orders under $39.99 (within 5km), we charge a  $5.99 delivery fee; under $44.99 (within 10km), we charge a  $7.99 delivery fee; under $49.99 (within 15km) we charge a  $9.99 delivery fee.

  3. Where could we buy or enjoy Dr. Yoon Kimchi?

You can buy Dr. Yoon Kimchi products at the following stores.

  • Best Price Oriental Market (484 Hazeldean Rd., Kanata, ON K2L 1V4)
  • Chez Ti-Coune Coner Store (74 Rue Eddy, Gatineau, QC J8X 2W2)
  • Green Fresh Supermarket Vanier (175 McArthur., K1L 6P8)
  • Herb & Spicy Food & Wellness Shop (375 Bank St., ON K2P 1Y2
  • Herb & Spicy Shop (1310 Wellington St., ON K1Y 3B2)
  • Hungry Ninja (1529 Merivale Road, ON KeG 3J3)
  • Mergi Groceries Limited (382 Rideau St. ON K1A 5Y8)
  • Produce Depot (1855 Carling  , ON K2A 1E4)

You can enjoy Sushi with Dr. Yoon’s Kimchi which is fresh, delicious, and crunchy at Sushi Restaurants.                                                                                                

  • Hockey Sushi (4055 Carling Ave Unit #9, Kanata, ON K2K 2A4)
  • Hockey Sushi (1465 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2E 5N9)

   4. What is black spot on the cabbage? Is it safe to eat?

The cause of black dots, known as “pepper spot” or “black spec”, is likely to be low light levels, high soil pH, fertilizers high in nitrogen and phosphorus, and harvesting & storage conditions. Regardless of the cause, our scientists confirmed that the cabbage leaves with “Black Specs” are perfectly safe to eat.

But to find out if they affect flavor or texture, we set up a blind tasting. Tasters couldn’t tell the difference between unblemished leaves and those with pepper spot. And unless we’re using whole cabbage leaves, the dots are so small that they aren’t even noticeable. From now on, we’ll go ahead and buy heads of napa cabbage with the black dots without concern.


   5. When does Dr. Yoon Kimchi taste the best?

While Dr. Yoon Kimchi is delivered soon after it is produced,  it will continue to fermented in your fridge for up to 6 months.  or even longer if you keep refrigerated, seal the jar tightly after use, and only use with clean utensils (saliva will speed the breakdown of food due to the enzyme amylase).

Kimchi with a lot of lactobacillus gives us a fresh, crunchy texture, and a savory taste. According to the following results of Dr. Yoon's microbiology test to set the distribution period, Lactobacillus decreased by 0.86*108 (CFU/g) at 6 weeks after showing the highest level 2.1*108 (CFU/g) at 2 weeks after kimchi production and then significantly decreased to 0.28*108 (CFU/g) at 10 weeks. If you keep refrigerated between 0°- 4°, it will continue to age in your fridge for up to 6 months or even longer, and it will get a strong sour taste of pH 3.5.

While the commercial brand Activa (Danone) contains probiotics between 107-108 (CFU/mL), DR. YOON KIMCHI contains probiotics between 0.86*108 - 2.1*108 (CFU/g) during the first 6 weeks after production. However, the probiotics decreased between 0.33*106 – 0.21*107 (CFU/g) after production 14 weeks. Therefore, you had better Dr. Yoon Kimchi between 2-6 weeks after production if you want to enjoy the best taste of Dr. Yoon Kimchi.


 6. Can I return the kimchi?

All delivered Kimchi products are final sales. Please, cancel the order of Kimchi as soon as possible before the Kimchi is delivered.

 7. How should I eat the Kimchi?

In Korean cuisine, Kimchi is a traditional staple and is served in almost every meal as a side dish. However, kimchi is more than just a side dish and is extremely versatile, making it an invaluable and flavorful ingredient in all kinds of cooking. In Korean cooking, kimchi is used to make stews, fried rice, pancakes, and more.  With the advent of asian-western fusion cuisine, we have seen Kimchi with bagels, muffins, panini and salads. 

We love eating Dr. Yoon Kimchi with grain bowls, sautéd alongside pork chops, tacos, sandwiches, ramen.  Feel free to get creative with Dr. Yoon Kimchi!