Dr. Yoon Kimchi

Variety Pack

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We have been getting requests for a Christmas special and here it is. Our Christmas variety pack is enables you to try 4 different Kimchi that Dr. Yoon makes: Baechoo Kimchi, Extra Spicy Baechoo Kimchi, Baek Kimchi, and Kkakdugi.

Baechoo Kimchi is the standard Korean Kimchi made out of Napa cabbage.  It's the most popular Kimchi.  Extra Spicy Baechoo Kimchi delivers more kick using Korean peppers.  Baek Kimchi is known as white Kimchi.  It's made out of Napa cabbage like Baechoo Kimchi, but it's not spicy at all.  Instead, Baek Kimchi emphasizes on the gentle harmony of flavors.  Kkakdugi (check this link for pronunciation), is cubed radish Kimchi that is just as popular as Baechoo Kimchi in Korea.

Limited offer: We are making only 100 variety packs.

Deliveries or pickup will be available from December 15th - December 22nd.

Please let us know when you want them in the "NOTES" field.